Our Mission

Individually and collectively the more than 100 HVC Partnership members are driving healthy change in our communities through a wide range of projects and programs such as healthy school lunches and fundraisers, farmer’s markets/farm to school programs, Power of Play, community gardens, breastfeeding support and education, neighborhood walking groups, recreational activities for seniors, work with physicians and clinics to support weight management and healthy eating, tobacco cessation, workplace wellness trainings and resources, healthy preschools, social media and website outreach and policy research. Through their participation in the HVC Partnership, organizations and individuals across the county can share knowledge and resources, helping to build a healthy Ventura County.


Healthy Ventura County Partnership promotes community activities, policies, and environmental changes that foster healthy eating, regular physical activity, and healthy weight, to counter rising obesity and its related chronic diseases for all ages.

Our Vision

Ventura County is the healthiest in the nation by 2030.