Harvest of the Month: Lettuce






Lettuce and salad greens provide a excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C! They also contain folate, which help our bodies grow and build new cells. These healthy greens come in a variety of choices such as green leaf, red leaf, romaine, and butterhead.

In California, lettuce can be grown all year. The peak harvest season is often January through May.

Farmer of the Month: Join the Farm!

Reyna Ortega is your Farmer of the Month. Reyna has been farming for over 15 years. At first, she worked in “conventional” agriculture which uses inorganic chemicals. For the past three years, she has been working at Join the Farm. She prefers to grow organic vegetables because they are better for your health and the planet.

June Farmer - Join the Farm

The Harvest of the Month and Farmer of the Month profiles are developed in partnership with Ventura County Farm to School.



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