Health Professionals







Ventura County seeks to raise the standard for healthy eating and active living. Health professionals serving Ventura County residents are key partners. Join us in raising the banner for a Healthy Ventura County within your health organizations and with your clients. We offer resources and professional opportunities to be healthy together.


Publication-colorClinical Education and Training

National, regional and local clinical education and training is available for child development and nutrition, diabetes management, growth assessment, motivating healthy behaviors, and overweight and obesity.

Community-colorCommunity Health Referral Resources

Local Recreation lists for Ventura County are available including different sports organizations and programs. Hospitals, health care agencies, and public health programs provide Classes and Group Support on nutrition, health and fitness topics. Lactation Counselors and Nutrition Counselors can assist individuals in meeting their personal goals for health and well-being.


   Patient Education Resources

Active Living Patient Education Materials and Tools incorporate prescriptions for activity as well as ideas to incorporate movement into daily routines.  Healthy Eating Patient Education Materials and Tools include brochures and handouts promoting healthy food and beverage choices.

logo2Professional Health Organizations

Professional organizations offer policy statements, clinical practice guidelines, and recommendations to help support you and your patients promote healthy eating and active living.