Sneak in Fruits & Veggies!

We all have our favorite fruits and vegetables- our go to source. As wonderful as they are, we still need to enjoy a variety of colors, vitamins and minerals in our diet for optimal health. The following are some ways to enjoy more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Sneak them it, it’s NOT cheating.




Veggies! How may I eat thee, let me count the ways!


1. Use vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini, as pizza toppings or puree them into your tomato sauce for added benefits and flavor.




2. Mix breakfast smoothies made with low-fat milk, frozen strawberries and a banana; or make a spinach and orange green power smoothie- both sweet and full of nutrients!




3. Make veggie wraps with roasted vegetables and low-fat cheese rolled in a whole-wheat tortilla.




4. Substitute chips with crunchy vegetables dipped in low-fat salad dressing.





5. Grill vegetable kabobs made of tomatoes, green and red peppers, mushrooms and onions.




6. Add color to salads with baby carrots, grape tomatoes, spinach leaves or mandarin oranges.




7. Snack on cut vegetables like red, green or yellow peppers, broccoli or cauliflower florets, carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, snap peas or whole radishes.




8. Keep fresh fruit somewhere within easy reach for a grab-and-go snack; or enjoy the cold goodness of frozen fruit straight from the freezer. Frozen grapes are a real treat for kids!




9. Puree apples, berries, peaches or pears in a blender for a thick, sweet sauce on grilled or broiled seafood or poultry, or on pancakes, French toast or waffles.




10. Cook an omelet loaded with vegetables such as broccoli, squash, carrots, peppers, tomatoes or onions with low-fat sharp cheddar cheese.