Good for Kids Restaurant Campaign

The Good for Kids Campaign is focused on increasing the healthy food options for kids in local restaurants. The project is part of First 5 Ventura County‘s goal of supporting the health of young children in Ventura County and building partnerships that support the overall health of the community. Through this program, First 5 Ventura County strives to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables, decrease children’s fat and sugar consumption and assist restaurants in making healthy choices appealing, available and affordable.

Currently, there are two concurrent Good for Kids projects. Countywide efforts are focused on expanding the campaign to the cities of Ventura, Ojai and Oxnard. This will be achieved through restaurants participating annually and through restaurant weeks. A focused Good for Kids Campaign within the Ventura Avenue “HEAL Zone”. The Ventura Avenue “HEAL Zone” project is funded by Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Eating, Active Living Program. The goal of the project is to create opportunities for community members to eat healthier foods and be more physically active to prevent diseases related to obesity, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Both projects feature Good for Kids meals that include the following:

  • A main course that is a lean meat or vegetarian protein prepared using a low fat cooking method.
  • One of each of the following side dishes: fresh fruit, vegetable, and a whole grain item or beans.
  • One of the following beverages: water, 100% juice or non-fat or low-fat milk.

For questions please contact: or (805) 648-9989, x230.

Parents: Click here to find a current list of participating Good for Kids Restaurants.