School Wellness Policies

California Project LEAN has a broad range of experience and expertise in school wellness.  They have developed numerous nutrition and physical activity policy and educational resources, provided trainings and technical assistance to school leaders, school board members, parents, and youth, have worked extensively in local school wellness policy development, implementation, and evaluation, and the implementation of California’s School Food and Beverage Standards.

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Parent Guides

Guide to Engaging Parents in Local School Wellness Policy

This toolkit provides resources and tools that will help school stakeholders engage parents in Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP) implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.  Parents in Action! provides stakeholders with a process for engaging parents in advocating for the improvement of the school environment and increased healthy food and physical activity opportunities through the LSWP.  The toolkit provides strategies for reaching parents, resources for assessing the school environment, fact sheets on relevant school nutrition and physical activity topics, parent education resources, and resources that will assist with the advocacy process. (English/Spanish)


Parent Lesson Plans: Advocating for Healthier School Environments

The Parent Lesson Plans are a companion piece to Parents in Action!: A Guide to Engaging Parents in Local School Wellness Policy.  These lesson plans are for use by stakeholders working with parents and should be used in coordination with Parents in Action!  These lesson plans will assist stakeholders to educate parents about local school wellness policy and empower them to become advocates for improved nutrition and physical activity environments in their child’s school. (English/Spanish)

Additional Resources

Video Workshops
Advocacy Guides
Fact Sheets
California School Food and Beverage Standards
Research and Policy Briefs
Case Studies
California’s Blueprint for Coordinated School Health
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