Healthy Workforce

Fact Sheets


Legal Considerations in Implementing Tobacco Cessation Programs in the Workplace
This fact sheet answers a few questions that employers often have about setting up a tobacco cessation program in the workplace.

What Works in Worksites
Worksite wellness programs that support employees and the environment that they work in have been shown to be a good return on investment.

Why Worksite Wellness?
As employers, it makes sense for us to get the most out of our employees by creating a work environment that supports and encourages good health. Healthy employees make healthy companies.

Journal Articles


Addressing Obesity in the Workplace: The Role of Employers
This article describes the employer’s perspective on the cost of obesity, discusses practices in employer-sponsored wellness programs, provides examples from U.S. companies illustrating employers’ leverage and opportunities, and suggests policy directions to support the expansion of employers’ initiatives, especially for smaller employers.

Nutrition Interventions in the Workplace: Evidence of Best Practice
Numerous workplace interventions have shown significant improvements in employees’ health and behaviors. However, it is necessary to plan intervention programmes based on the existing evidence of best practice.

Issue Briefs


Worksite Wellness Program Keeps Employees Healthy
To explore whether a wide-ranging set of environmental and policy interventions can have a positive effect on employee health, the Center for Health Improvement (CHI) worked with the University of Michigan and the State University of New York to study the impact of a worksite wellness program on employees of the California Department of Health Services (CDHS).


National Prevention Strategy
On June 16, 2011 the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, announced the release of the National Prevention Strategy, a comprehensive plan that will help increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life.

Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity in the United States
This report describes the expert panel process that was used to identify 24 recommended strategies for obesity prevention and a suggested measurement for each strategy that communities can use to assess performance and track progress over time.


Worksite Wellness Resource List
A quick guide to worksite policies, environmental changes and programs that can have an impact on employee health. Includes recommendations on insurance benefit structure and chronic disease management.

Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond
Partnership for Prevention invites you to use this guide and its recommended resources to help plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive health promotion program aimed at improving employee health and business growth.

Partnership for Prevention Business and Health Resources
A nonpartisan organization of business, nonprofit and government leaders working to make evidence based disease prevention and health promotion within the workplace a national priority.

California Fit Business Kit

The Network for a Healthy California developed this suite of tools and resources to help employers develop and implement a culture and environment at their workplaces that support healthy eating and physical activity among workers. These tools can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive worksite wellness program. Most importantly, the tools can assist employers and employees who are interested in combating declining employee health and ever-increasing health care costs.

Kaiser Permanente – Thrive at work
In this free, hands-on guide, you’ll get step-by-step advice, resources, and tools to help you customize a workforce health program that addresses your specific goals.

Workplace Lactation Programs

The Business Case for Breastfeeding

Worksite Sample Lactation Policy

California Breastfeeding Laws and Regulations

Benefits of Workplace Support for Breastfeeding

Local Workplace Wellness Consultants

THRIVE Wellness Solutions offers wellness program consulting, design and implementation for small-medium size workplaces. Specializes in hosting the Corporate Fit Challenge, a nationally recognized wellness program for employers, employees, and their friends and families.